Yucatan Vacation Home Rentals & Property Management

1 BR, 1 Bath, A/C

Sleeps 1 - 2

Wifi included

$300/month + electric & water

Apartment close to Santiago market,

downtown Mérida (centro)


This apartment is only 7 blocks away from Santiago park.  There you can find the fresh food mercado, as well as a wide selection of food booths.  






Walk into a light and airy sitting room (notice the original pasta floor tiles, characteristic of Mérida's colonial homes).





The front door goes out to a small entrance porch, shared with the adjoining house. Windows let in the breeze, and there's a ceiling fan.



On the other side of the sitting room, is the door to the rear of the apartment.




Here, you find the bed and dressing table on one side, a closet and small refrigerator on the other side...

...along with a dining table with seating for 4, and ceiling fan.  The air conditioner, here, can also cool the front room if you leave the door open.

The kitchen, with the bathroom to the side, has a 2-burner electric stove,  microwave oven, and a blender.*  Service for 4.






Contact us for availability - info.yvhr@gmail.com

(Mérida Apartment)


RATES (USD) - $300/month, plus electricity & water




Water - city (potable)


Hot Water - electric shower head 


TV - yes, cable at renters' cost


Internet - wifi included



Please note: All rates are set in accord with the owners. While we cannot guarantee the response, we will present any reasonable offer for the owners´ consideration.