Yucatan Vacation Home Rentals & Property Management

2 BR, 1 Bath, A/C, Pool, garage

Sleeps 4

Wifi included

$800/month + electric & water

In Santiago, downtown Mérida (centro)

(Please note that there is a small, one-bedroom

apartment attached to this house.

See Mérida Apartment on our list.)

The traditional colonial homes in Mérida have the entrance room, or sala.

Notice the orginal pasta floor tiles, found throughout the house.

Located 1/2 kilometer from Santiago Park, you're only a block away from a main street going into centro, easy to catch buses or collective cabs.  Coming home, they'll drop you off at your door. 

Since this street is one of the main bus routes, the first bedroom can be a little noisy during the bus hours, although the attached garage does

cushion some of the noise.  This bedroom has a twin bed, A/C, sky-lights, closed closet, and a small desk; and
is just to the side of the sala.
   To the rear of the sala is the dining room, and to the side of that is the kitchen.  There's a full-sized fridge, a small gas range with oven, a micro-wave, coffee maker and blender.*  There's also a closed cabinet and a table for two.
   In the dining room, there's seating for 8 at the table.  There's a sideboard, and overstuffed chairs, and plenty of room to sit around after the meal and chat.
   Just to the rear of the dining room, is the bright and airy sitting room that looks out on the courtyard.

This house is one of several in the Santiago neighborhood that have belonged to the same family for

generations.  This photo shows the sala, where visitors were received.

Through the house and to the rear, there's a shaded, private courtyard with swimming pool and pool-side bar (not shared with the apt.) 

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(Mérida, Two Bedroom)


RATES (USD) - $950/month, plus electricity & water




Water - city (potable)


Hot Water - electric shower head 


TV - yes, cable at renters' cost


Internet - included



Please note: All rates are set in accord with the owners. While we cannot guarantee the response, we will present any reasonable offer for the owners´ consideration.