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Each property has its own page in order to give you the most complete "picture" of that particular listing.  We include details about each photo, and offer you a realistic portrayal of every property.  Since we remain in contact with you during your stay, you can imagine that we enjoy having satisfied clients, and that starts with informing you of exactly what you'll find upon arrival.


GENERAL INFORMATION about the site and the terms we use:


A/C = air conditioning (almost always found in the bedroom[s] only)


Bathroom (or Bath):  here, in almost 100% of the homes, the bathroom has toilet, sink, and shower.  No bathtub.  For ease, we refer to this arrangement as a bathroom (as opposed to 3/4 bath).  In the rare case that there is a bathtub, this will be specified.  In a case where there is only toilet and shower, or toilet and sink, we use the term 1/2 bath.


For convenience, we have used the Canadian/U.S. names for bed sizes.  However, in Mexico, the bed sizes are slightly different (wider, shorter, etc.).  Here are the usual differences, though size may vary:

Twin (single) bed = slightly wider

Double bed = less wide by an inch or two

Queen size = less wide by an inch, shorter

                       by an inch or two

King size = one inch less wide, and one

                    inch shorter


All rates and deposit amounts are quoted in US dollars (USD), as is customary.  The exception to that rule is if the property is offered during temporada (see the note to the side).  In any case, prices given in pesos (MXN) are specified as such.  We suggest you refer to an online currency converter for an approximate exchange rate. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.






´Temporada´ refers to dates when the Mexican nationals have vacation time, and flock to the Gulf coast.  These dates include the week before and the week after Easter, as well as the summer vacation in July and August.  During these vacation times, the usually quiet Gulf coast has thousands of vacationers who come with their boats and other aquatic "toys", as well as with their ATV´s and sports cars.  If you´re looking for a peaceful get-away along the Gulf, you want to avoid the temporada.